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Level 1: Child learns to read three letter words with a vowel in the medial position and simple sentence structures. Level 3: Child learns to read diagraph, new sentence structures and simple comprehension passages.
Level 2: Child learns to combine a vowel with consonant blends and simple sentence structures. Level 4: Child learns to read diphthongs and new sentence structures. Child reads short stories to expand his vocabulary

What is unique about The Victoria Readers?

  1. The programme teaches a child to read & spell in the shortest time.
  2. Our programme is so simple and systematic that a precocious 4-year-old can be taught to read independently.
  3. At the end of the programme, our children are normally 2 years ahead of their peers in reading fluency and comprehension.

What is in the The Victoria Readers programme kit set?

Level 1 & 2: Level 3 & 4:
  • TVR Teaching Manual
  • My Writing Book
  • My Stick-On Alphabet Book
  • Phonics a
  • Phonics e
  • Phonics i
  • Phonics o
  • Phonics u
  • TVR Book 1
  • My First Phonogram Workboook
  • Sentence Patterns 1
  • TVR Book 2
  • Zonda The Bear and other Stories
  • My Colouring Book and Consonant Blends
  • My Second Phonogram Workbook
  • Sentence Patterns 2
  • 1 set ABC Jigsaw Puzzle
  • TVR CD 1
  • TVR Book 3
  • TVR Book 4
  • My Third Phonogram Workbook
  • Sentence Patterns 3
  • My World
  • Read and Think
  • Oral and Comprehension Book A
  • Oral and Comprehension Book B
  • TVR CD 2